Mobile Application for Real-Estate Agents

The economy is going through a tough time right now. Gas prices are soaring through the roof, as you can obviously see as you drive down any main road in the area. Other facets of our lives have been affected by the country’s financial state, such as company layoffs and retail sales. The housing market has suffered more than most industries have during this downturn. This makes the field very competitive for people who make a living in this industry, particularly real estate agents. If you are an agent, you have probably been thinking of ways to make yourself unique instead of swimming with the same old schools of fish. Guess what? Multichoice Apps can help you with this dilemma.

If you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you need to consider the creation of a mobile application for your services.

What can this do for you? It allows you to be accessed by any person that owns an iPhone, iPad, or mobile device that runs on the Android operating system. This can put you in touch with a customer base far greater than you could possibly reach through more conventional, “old-fashioned” methods. There are thousands of agents in your city, so what competitive edge do you have over the rest of the pack? Why should a homeowner or buyer choose you to represent them? Here’s the logic: when your clients see your amazing app, they will first notice that the other agents that they have talked to most likely didn’t take the time to develop a mobile app for themselves. The potential client will then conclude that if you have taken the time and effort to make your skills and services presentable in an innovative fashion, you will put the same energy into getting them the results that they are seeking. Can you say, “You’re hired!”

In order to succeed today as a real estate agent in the current market, you must elevate yourself to a new unique channel of advertising. Multichoice Apps develops great apps for real estate agents that have been proven to get results. Here are some features that your current and new clients will love:

  • Effective Greeting Page: Your first impression of your app on current and new clients will be one of professionalism and neatness. Impress your clients from the start!
  • About You: People looking for someone to help them can read about your specialties and experience, and become more comfortable with you.
  • One Touch Buttons: Multiple pages in the app allow clients to call, email, or get directions to your office with just one tap on the screen. They can also use the Tell Friend option to tell other potential customers about your mobile app and services.
  • Links to your other Advertising Media: Have a Facebook page, Twitter profile, or YouTube page? If so, you can link it to your app and people can access all of your information and listings from one device. They cannot miss you!
  • Detailed Appointment Setting: Potential buyers and sellers that want to set up an appointment to meet with you can do so easily by using customized fields to select the times and dates that will work for them. This saves the clients time and allows you to prepare before you meet face to face.

One key feature of the apps that Multichoice creates is the Push Notification option. This tool allows you to send real-time updates in the form of messages directly to the users’ phones. They can be received even when they are using another application! As an agent, this is a great feature to use because you can instantly send photos and even virtual tour videos of new properties as soon as you put them on the market. You can also use this to keep your buyers informed of critical changes that may be of importance. Did the seller of a property just accept your buyer’s offer? You can let him know right away, no matter if he is on another call or checking email. With just a tap on the SEND button, your client knows right away! Once your new mobile app hits the Apple and Android stores, you will notice that your business will remain steady because it will be easier for your past and current clients to refer other people to you. They will be able to download your mobile app and send it to their friends that may be looking for a real estate agent to serve them. Potential clients will also be able to read about you and see your specialties and experience before you meet them. This great marketing tool will keep you so busy with clients referred by the app that you will not find the need to spend much more money on marketing expenses for awhile. Now that’s a great sound to the ears of any independent contractor. Contact Multichoice Apps today and have a successful mobile application developed for you!

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