QR Codes

You know you need a customized app to keep an edge on your competition, but do you also know that having a QR code for your business is the next marketing trend that you can be one of the first to jump on? That’s right – QR codes will be a necessity soon because they are gaining popularity, and it allows consumers to get the information they need about your business with just a simple scan using their mobile devices. Multichoice Apps is great at QR code developing and we can create a special code just for your company.

What exactly is a QR code, you may ask? QR codes are similar to bar codes but they are special because instead of just storing an item name and price as a simple bar code does, QR codes actually link to multiple streams of data, such as addresses, website links, and other text information. This technology was developed over in Japan when Toyota created them to use as identifiers for new vehicles. Other companies realized that the codes could be used for marketing purposes, and the rest is history.

By creating a QR code for your business, you give customers direct access to you. They can instantly see where you are located as well as have one touch access to your website. This keeps people from having to remember your web address or contact information and typing it in every time they want to get access to your business. With QR codes, business cards will be a thing of the past. Do you want your customers to have instant access to you? Let Multichoice Apps help you with your QR code marketing solution. Contact us today and let’s get started!