The best way to keep customers coming back to you is to keep them informed. Push notification technology has allowed us to make mobile app notification a reality, and this means more educated customers for you. Multichoice Apps’ mobile application include functionality for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android notification. How does this work? When customers download your app they have the option to accept push notifications from your business, and just about all of them do.

Once a customer has your mobile app on their phone, you can then send out instant notifications that will go straight to their home screen even if they do not have your app open. This ensures that your messages always get directly to the customer at any time. This is also a great option for you because it lets the customers know what’s going on at your company, and you can also use this tool to send out important updates such as special hours of operations, new services and products offered, or other information. It is up to you – whatever you want the customer to know you can tell them, instantly. Constant contact is the key to repeat business, and our apps’ push notification technology enables you to use this to your advantage. Do you want to know more about this technology and how it can help you? Contact Multichoice Apps and we will be glad to tell you about it.