Competitive advantage with Mobile Apps

You’ve been looking for a way to increase sales at your dealership. You’ve tried everything from commercials to flyers, ads in local newspapers, and even a dancing bear in front of your dealership out by the street with a sign saying “Buy One, Get One Free!” and you still don’t have many people rushing in to see what you have. Ok – maybe your sign didn’t say buy one and get one free but you know what I mean. In plain English – you need a solution to get people in the door to check out your wonderful products, and you need it quickly. To reach today’s “connected” customers, you need to use technology to create a link that allows them to connect to you while enabling you to connect with them. You need a mobile application!

Multichoice Apps creates mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices that can be downloaded and used by car dealership customers in literally seconds. Mobile apps such as this can work wonders for dealerships such as yours.

How do we know? Because we have already created apps for dealerships and they provide results – it is that simple.

What makes a mobile application so special? iPhone and Android mobile applications are easy to access for those that use the these devices, and are therefore used more frequently than mobile web sites. Apps can be downloaded in a matter of seconds so your customers will not need to wait while your mobile website downloads in a weak signal area, or fails to download completely due to technical reasons. Mobile applications also have the flexibility to be used offline. Finally, iPhone owners are used to getting the maximum out of their devices so once your mobile app is downloaded, it will be used and the user will know who you are.

Why does my dealership need a mobile app? Imagine a consumer downloading and using your mobile app to view your inventory to find the vehicle of their dreams. They email you a few questions about it and you answer them, and the next day you get an offer emailed to you! This sounds like something futuristic, right? Well, you will be blown away to find out that this is already a reality because other dealerships with mobile apps have experienced this and therefore have an advantage over other dealerships that are less accessible. If this is not enough to make you reach out and find out more then I do not know what can help you!

By now you should be ready to contact Multichoice Apps and have a customized app developed for you today! Develop automotive mobile apps

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