09 Oct 2012

Attention: New iPhone Application for Auto Dealers

The latest innovation for auto dealer websites comes from Multichoice Apps. Multichoice is very well-respected and has gained a reputation for creating exciting, professional mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android operating platforms. They also specialize in dealer friendly web-based platform and flexible web solutions. The release of their customized mobile apps for dealerships is something the auto industry has not seen before.

With this groundbreaking “one-step” iPhone / Android apps technology, dealers can now auto load vehicle inventory into their systems via their mobile devices. They simply take photos of the inventory, click “save” and the dealer website inventory is automatically updated, without going back to a computer.  This saves time and effort, and allows a lot manager or employee to get a vehicle listing up as soon as a car arrives to the dealership.  What an easy and effective way to manage auto dealership website inventories!  Multichoice’s apps are quite robust and allow for multiple images of the same vehicle to be captured and listed.

No more walking from vehicle to vehicle across the lot to find that perfect car, truck or SUV for a customer.  With a complete photo gallery in the palm of their hands, the sales team can now help customers identify which vehicles they want to see before they take a tour of the lot, and customers can have a better idea of what they want before they get there. The time saved and increased efficiency will surely be appreciated by both the buyer and the selling dealership.  The inconvenient time gaps between new vehicles arriving at a dealership and the updated inventory pages of the dealer website will also be minimized or eliminated altogether.

Multichoice Apps also provide services such as search engine optimization, social media marketing packages that include Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter profile customizations for businesses.   To learn more about these services and other options available through Multichoice Apps, visit their website at www.multichoiceapps.com

09 Oct 2012

Mobile Apps Design For Auto Dealers

As a growing business, you now realize that jumping on the technology wave is critical to your business’s success. You also see the importance of having an iPhone and Android application developed. You’ve put your boat into the water and floated around a little, and you see that there are some other companies out there with mobile apps but you notice that they are unattractive and unappealing. Why would they put out such mediocre apps? It is because they simply do not know any better and the companies they choose to design the apps did not do their main job of educating them on how their design would affect the app’s success.

From your preliminary research you have come to the conclusion that you need a well-designed mobile application that looks appealing and professional, and it must have all of the features that will make it easier for potential customers to get the information that they need about your products or services. It must also have a clear path for customers to contact you with as few steps as possible – preferably a one-tap option to put them directly in touch with you.

Why do we emphasize the importance of a sleek design?

It is pretty simple – human beings are naturally drawn to beautiful things, just like all eyes are focused on a pretty woman walking down the street. The same rule applies to the mobile app market. There are many mediocre apps wandering around in the Apple App Store and Android Markets, but the visually appealing applications are the ones that are viewed and downloaded the most. Therefore, Multichoice Apps focuses on creating the most attractive apps that are also the most functional. This results in instant success for the application and higher revenues for the company. It is an amazing formula: Visual Appeal + Functionality = Success!

Functionality is also a critical component of the mobile app development because no matter how pretty and captivating the app’s interface is, it is almost worthless if it does not work right because it is not fulfilling its ultimate purpose of serving the customer. Multichoice Apps has cutting-edge design techniques that produce amazing apps that are ahead of their time. You will definitely have an advantage if you have an app that is technically superior in an arena that is still fairly new.

As an example, Multichoice Apps has developed business iPhone applications for automotive dealerships. You can view a few of these apps right from your iPhone – simply search for and download any of the following applications: Honda Mall of Georgia, Jaguar Orlando or Toyota of Naples. These dealerships have already experienced more than 3000 downloads, and this could have the same results for your business!

Multichoice’s apps are loaded with many powerful features. For instance, Push Notifications allow dealerships to communicate directly with customers by sending them text messages or images of new and featured vehicles. Video presentations are also being incorporated into the applications. It is the equivalent of having your own multi-functional broadcast station for a fraction of the cost. Ultimately, this will result in higher revenues and success for your business.

Build your mobile app today!

27 Dec 2011

Ways to bring new people into your dealership

You have been looking for ways to bring new people into your dealership, and you are considering having a mobile application designed for you that owners of the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices can use to get in touch with you. You know that in order to succeed you need to jump into the technology wave. However, you are not completely sold on the idea of investing in a mobile app. Here are a few reasons why you should.

You will look like you know what you’re doing. This is an informal way of saying that a mobile app will make you look more professional. When a customer calls into the dealership and asks about your specials or wants to know about the types of inventory that you have, instead of fumbling through papers looking for a brochure to read from or waiting for a inventory screen to load on your computer, you can just ask them if they have an iPhone or Android device. If they say yes, you can simply direct them to your mobile app and they can see your inventory in detail, along with pictures. What better way to say you’re official than “Check out our iPhone app!”

Customers can access you, and you can connect with them. You probably have a database with customer information as well as an email address in which you can send out marketing material and updates to customers. Wouldn’t it be easier to send a message to all your customers with mobile devices that will pop up directly on their phone? This cuts the chance of lost emails and other mishaps by providing a direct link to your clients, and they also have a direct connection to you and your entire inventory. It is almost like a mobile store!

You are hip to the times! You have some sleek, powerful cars that younger customers find appealing. These shoppers are almost certain to have the latest mobile devices on the market because they have to fit into the “in” crowd. Therefore, you have to blend in by accessing them through their means of familiarity, which is through mobile applications. Why? Because most of these trendsetters are spending more time accessing the internet through their phones than on actual computers. Cater to these customers, and they will reward you with their business.

You cannot expect business to always come to you – you must go get it! Having a mobile app created by Multichoice Apps can help you achieve your sales goals because it is simply what people want to see. We create all kinds of custom applications and we have helped automotive dealerships reach new heights through the use of innovative mobile applications. Reach out to Multichoice today and we can put together a great mobile app for your business! Our website www.MultichoiceApps.com