Ready for a Revenue Booster?

As a dealer, you specialize in selling vehicles and services at your physical dealership. However, there’s a convenient way that you can provide parts and accessories for people across the country that need what you have to offer. The answer is an parts and accessories e-store.
Go Beyond the Parking Lot

By setting up an e-store with your parts and accessories, you’ve instantly gone from a neighborhood servicer to a nationwide operation! There are people in other areas of the U.S. who have the same make and model vehicles that you sell at your dealership. However, there may not have a place in their area to go when they need to obtain needed parts or accessories for customization. Your e-store is the answer to their problem, and the solution to your need for another revenue generator to boost your bottom line.

Here are some great characteristics of e-stores that can benefit your business:

  • From Local to Nationwide. Having an e-store puts your dealership on the Internet, which makes you accessible from any location in the country that has connectivity to the World Wide Web. Your customer base just expanded exponentially.
  • Another source of Revenue. The e-store gives you an entire new income source that can be combined with vehicle and repair sales to improve your P&L sheet.
  • Link to other Advertising Media. If you can get customers to your Facebook and Twitter pages, you can get them to your e-store. By simply adding your e-store address to your existing advertising, you can quickly earn more revenue in a flash!

Now that you know what an e-store can do, come and let us show you what it can do for you. Contact Multichoice Apps today for a free consultation and presentation of our e-store services.

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