24 Jan 2013

Online Stores for Regular and Mobile Platforms

Companies that have innovative marketing tools such as websites, blogs, and mobile applications are usually leading their industries in performance. These items are essential elements in positioning a company for growth and recognition among customers as well as competitors. However, companies that have tangible products to sell to consumers need more than just an app or simple website. These businesses need online stores.

Why an online store?

Everyone knows that our society has now moved to the internet. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have taken over basic communication, and media outlets now produce most of their content in electronic formats that can be easily read and shared on websites and blogs. Businesses have also become a part of this trend by boosting their

ecommerce capabilities, and if your business sells products that can be shipped then you should consider doing the same. Multichoice Apps designs online stores for new and existing businesses that are looking to push their sales and profits to a higher level. These stores can be designed in a regular online format as well as an efficient mobile platform using an innovative software known as Magento. You may not be familiar with that name, but giants such as OfficeMax and T-Mobile are acquainted with Magento because it is the force powering their online and mobile stores.

Magento and Mobile Stores

When customers can purchase products directly from their phones, it opens up an entire revenue stream for businesses. One reason is that Magento allows developers such as Multichoice Apps to design mobile stores that integrate seamlessly with platforms such as the iPhone, and this allows people to navigate and make purchases easily. Quick, easy purchases build consumer confidence and this will encourage them to refer their friends and family to the stores as well. Soft-Lock also works well with the Magento platform. The Magento platforms also makes it easier to create a full version of a company’s online store so customers don’t have to be concerned about the mobile store not having all of the products that the online version does.

Magento and 3D Part Applications

Online and mobile stores developed with Magento integrate well with 3D part systems such as CRM and ERP using API. One advantage that Magento-based stores have is that they are very stable, even while being changed or upgraded. The stores can also be configured to provide important Analytics and Reporting that can aid in improving it based on the data gathered along with customer feedback. Flexibility is one of the biggest perks of using a Magento-based mobile store since you can tailor the store to look and act just as your customers want to see it. Contact Multichoice Apps today and start your Ecommerce business

15 Jan 2013

Mobile Viral Marketing

iPhone and Android applications are the hottest trend for new businesses who want to become viral and have their presence known. If you are a company that wants to get an edge on the competition in 2011, you have to step up to the technology plate and have an iPhone app developed for your customers. Many companies have found great success in introducing apps that allow their customers to easily reach out to them for goods and services. By letting a company such as Multichoice Apps develop a great mobile app that happens to go viral, you can make a lot of money. But here is the challenge. How will Multichoice Apps develop an application with the potential to go viral?. Here are a few factors that Multichoice will keep in mind when developing your application.

1. Simplicity: Your application must be easy for your customers to download and use. The last thing that you want is for your customers to become frustrated when trying to figure out how to use your mobile app. The more difficult the app is to use, the less success it will have. Multichoice knows this and will create an application that is very customer friendly.

2. Usefulness: Is your app useful to your customer and has all the components needed to make customer service easier?. Multichoice will make sure your application should address a need as well as solve a problem.

3. Innovation: Is there something that we can do when developing your iPhone or Android app that no one has done before? Multichoice will look at all possibilities because sometimes the simplest ideas can be to your benefit if they are brand new to the market.

4. Share Options: Whether the app provides support for multi-users or allows them to send e-mails or other content to those who they know, it has to be easy for customers to share with family and friends. This is important when producing an application that is intended to eventually go viral and Multichoice Apps will also take this into consideration.

5. Price: You can put a price on your app but sometimes you get more value by giving it all for free. This is a tactic used by many companies to gain market share and recognition via the App World. Multichoice will work with you to make sure you don’t price your app too high or you are going to turn people off.

6. Support: You must be responsive to your customers as well as addressing all concerns and criticism that they may provide regarding your mobile application. Support your clients and you’ll reap the rewards.

7. Updates: Keep your application fresh! Your app is a 24 hour extension of your company. Listen to your customers and provide them with features that they need. Multichoice will help you implement them.

Multichoice Apps specializes in taking the above factors and creating great functional apps that help businesses grow while staying ahead of the technology curve. Thousands of applications have been produced for the iPhone and Android but many of them have not gone viral. Applications that are simple to use and provide unique value to the users have a higher chance of being passed along from user to user, and that is the goal of producing a viral iPhone/Android app. The app must also be fun while staying user friendly.  If you can meet this criteria while keeping it simple and unique, your business will be one step closer to achieving a higher level of success. Multichoice Apps is dedicated to helping you reach your business goals. Contact Multichoice Apps today!